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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Module Register/Login with Facebook Connect

Register or Login with Facebook Connect Module. Credit to Compret (Chandra R. Atmaja).
This module build on Prestashop V1.3.6.

Installation Guide :

A. Create Facebook Application

1. Create Facebook Application at
2. Click MyApps
Click My Apps in Facebook Developer.
3. Click Set up New Application.
Set up New Application.
4. Enter Application Name, choose Accept then click Create Application.
Create Application Facebook.
5. Enter Captcha Code
Enter Captcha Code.
6. Your application is ready to use, now click Website and enter your Prestashop url, then Save Changes.
Add your Prestashop url.
7. Note the Application ID and Application Secret, cause we need it to configure this module.

B. Install Module in PrestaShop
1. Back up your Prestashop files before installing this module I recommend to backup your prestashop. And I’m not responsible for any damage caused by this module, but I already run a simple test for Prestashop version 1.3.6
2. Download the IDFBCon version 0.1 >> Update Version  IDFBCon version 0.2
3. Extract the Files IDFBCon V.01 or V0.2
4. Copy or Upload Files to: 
From To

/idfbcon/* /[prestashop root]/modules/idfbcon/*

/classes/* /[prestashop root]/classes/* Overwrite Customer.php
/authentication.php /[prestashop root]/ Overwrite authentication.php
/authentication.tpl /[prestashop root]/themes/prestashop/ Overwrite authentication.tpl

This module created using default theme, if you want to install it using different theme feel free to edit the authentication.tpl to fit your theme.

5. Now open your Backoffice Modules menu then install this module. It’s located in Block group
Install Module FB Connect in Block Group.
6. After installing click Configure

Configure FB Connect.
7. Enter your Facebook Application ID and Application Secret, then Save
Enter you Facebook Application ID and Facebook Secret.
8. Your IDFBCon modules is ready to use.
Facebook Register/Login with Facebook Connect.
C. Usage
  1. The button will show Register if your customers aren’t connected with your Prestashop, when clicked this button will show Facebook registration plugin.

  2. The button will show Login if :
  1. Your customers are already connected with your Prestashop but not logged in to your prestashop yet, when clicked this button will logged them in.
  2. Your customers aren’t logged in to their Facebook yet. When clicked this button will show facebook log in popup.

Update Version  IDFBCon version 0.2

Credit to Chandra R. Atmaja <>, Yogyakarta Hadiningrat, Indonesia.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Module jGalleryView - Version 2

This Module is for Gallery View with JQuery, Module configuration is based on module LinkSlideText by Kevlarbox.
jGalleryView Module for PrestaShop.
  • upload your images in BO
  • change texts in BO
  • ready for translations
  • add/delete some items

Configuration jGalleryView Module in Administrator Panel.
Visit Website Developer : Prestashop Forum

Module Home Featured Carousel V0.1

This Module Help you to Displays Featured Products in the middle of your homepage as Flash Carousel. You can change appearance of carousel from urunxml.php in files folder.
Home Featured Carousel Module for Prestashop.
Visit Website Developer : Prestashop Forum

Module Facebook Fan Page Block

This Module for Prestashop to display the Facebook Fan Page in your shop.
Facebook Fan Page Module for Prestashop.
Instruction for installation are in the rar.

Visit Website Developer : Prestashop Forum


Module Product Accessories

This Module is for Displaying Product Accessories in a more visible place and hide it from the tabs section.
Display the accessories horizontally (above "More info"), transplant the module to the "Product Footer" hook (Modules->Positions->Transplant a module).
Product Accessories Module for Prestashop.
This module was tested on Prestashop V1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4

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Module Location & Currency Detection

With This Module, it automatically sets language and currency of your site for the visitor based of their location / preference.
Detects the location of a visitor using their IP Address or Browser Settings and automatically redirects them to the matching language and currency. Link a language to a currency, so when the customer changes the language, the currency changes to match it.
Location & Currency Detection Module.
Compatible with Prestashop 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 (for PS1.4 see

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Module AddHeader – a sibling for AddStuff

Whit this AddHeader module, you can simple adds the contents of your specified file into the header of your pages, so you can add or remove code without having to go and edit the template files (and it’s there regardless of which template you’re using too!).

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